poze no respect

i have no respect for men, women, children and domestic animals so it will be of no use bleating to me if offended, mi-a spus in timp ce se intindea dupa un pantof de designer.

vorbeste numai despre el, ma scoate din minti. I Am a One Man Subculture, spune, poti sa crezi ce infatuat? ba mai mult, in timp ce poza stand intr-un picior, cineva dintr-un bloc aflat la cateva sute de metri de noi ne urmarea printr-un binoclu.

apoi am mers la el acasa. a inchis o usa intredeschisa dar am apucat sa vad doua femei care pozau in insectar. fluturi. echipa vogue are prea multe optiuni de lifestyle, as zice.

dar nu zic nimic. tac chitic. am gatul uscat.

pe masa era o fata alba, apretata. a baut o gura de apa si nu inceta sa ma priveasca in ochi, ceea ce facea dialogul si mai imposibil.

in schimb el trancanea in continuu. my renunciation of portraiture led me to one of my main artistic devices: the “anti-portrait”. I began to use shadows, crop faces and to partially or totally obscure them in my snaps. when you see a face you reflexively begin to read it. how old is it? what sort of experiences has it had? etc. by denying the viewer the face, I force his eyes where I want them – and that is to the event. the faceless body then takes on a poetic morbidity. it then becomes “unhuman”. everything in my pictures is an object, objects are objects and the people are objects. these objects cannot have anymore personality than I choose to give them. where I have left in faces their function is to intimidate. These “unpersons” become ciphers that let me express my will. oricum, nu stiu ce dumnezeu vedea cand se uita la mine

pastra o privire care ma tinea anonima si imi dadea un sentiment constant de luat la sanatoasa

dar nu ma tinea cu forta, nu eram cainele care ii aduce ziarul

si ma surprindeam cu placere inchipuindu-mi cum ar fi sa dresezi pesti


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